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We specialise in the treatment and eradication of woodworm for both homes and businesses. Our service comes from a wealth of experience, knowledge, and technical know how from both surveyors and technicians.

Pest infestations are well known to grow fast and grow strong, resilient to chemicals. It’s common practice for people to try to deal with infestations on their own, only to find out that shop-bought products are more often than that unsuccessful. Pests are constantly evolving and develop immunities to widely available products. If you don’t have the right eradication solution, your infestation will spread throughout your home or business and you’ll be spending a lot more of your hard-earned cash on replacing or repairing woodwork.

This is why we offer our services. With our chemical analysists and partners, we have the know-how to completely eradicate your woodworm infestation and protect your wood for years to come. Our goal is to erase the traces of any infestation and make sure your property is safe, clean, and protected from pests.

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